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Easy to get Gold on Clash of Kings

Building Castle and Gathering Resources on Playing Clash Of Kings Now is Simple

Clash of Kings is one of the most popular game which attracts gamers in the world. The game is RPG-based which allows players to use strategy. It is said that it is an addictive game. Thus, the game has similarities with other RPG except on the basics and characters.

Clash of kings required a team work to build castle faster rather than become a superhero alone in the game. Besides, the alliance political plays a big role in the game. There will be a spy infiltrating.


Playing clash of kings needs patient, and emotion control in building the castle. It can collapse even you build it in days. Meanwhile, you must face a rival from around the world which will buy an item that can destroy your castle. Additionally, Good time management will help your soldier to gather resources. For example, your soldiers are gathering resources around 3 hours. You can play again next three hours again. Keep in mind that the enemies might attack you. So, you need to log in as often as you can to prevent your resources being stolen.

For some reasons I played the game and found something good to build a castle faster. Here are the ways I offer to you:

  1. Create some accounts to supports your main castle
  2. Once you have done, place the farming account to yourself to harvest your food, iron and wood. If your building need has been fulfilled, you can go to collect item food.
  3. The more you have farm account, the faster your castle goes to the next level. You need to make farm level up to 10 to gather iron.
  4. Be careful of the spy which tries to ruin your alliance
  5. Use your item only when you need it urgently
  6. Take all the farms once the game starts.


Those tricks above can be applied to build your castle quickly. If you are too busy to apply my tips, you might use the faster way and utilize all the game features. Let’s call it the Clash of Kings Hack apk. Through this tool, you can accomplish while take all of the game features unlimitedly. Some features you can enjoy using the crack are as follows:

  1. Unlimited gold
  2. Your game will support for android
  3. Anti-malware
  4. Easy to use
  5. True and tested
  6. Script protection
  7. Undetectable


Steps to Get Clash of Kings Hack

  • Download the Clash of Kings also in German or French
  • Extract the contents
  • Run it as administrator
  • You need to fill the email and username box
  • Place your desired gold you want to use
  • Then, tap “generate” and wait for it for couple minutes
  • Restart and get the features

If you are facing the error while trying the hack tool, you can use tutorial bellow:

  • You need to click download and take online hack page
  • Fill your username and email address
  • Feel free to put your amount of gold you want
  • Generate it and restart the game
  • Enjoy!


How To Enjoy Unlocked Clash of Kings Features

The key point of playing clash of kings is just gathering resources like wood, iron, silver, gold and food to improve levels. There are several steps to do of playing this game. Here are some steps to do before you play the clash of king:

The first thing to do when you are trying to make a clash of kings account, bind it to Facebook or Google+ which enables you to save the recent playing. When someday you just need to replace a smartphone, you can replay it. Many gamers lost it causes they didn’t bind their account to Facebook and Google+.

  • When you join group after creating account, you will get gold
  • Focus on upgrading buildings, train troops and reset
  • Follow hints given on the game


Sometimes, playing clash of clan need patient and strategies caused your enemies are from around the world. You can also take good advantage by joining events. In this case, gold, iron and wood are included in the point. The notification is sent. For example, we are starting to mine gold which needs 16 hours. So, when the gathering time begun, our troops who are looking for iron comes back bringing gold.

Next in the morning, when your troop brings gold, you can continue by using bonus gather item. It is used to accelerate gathering source. When you want to join the monster event, note that you have to ensure the energy stock is enough. You can purchase gold from a store. But you don’t have to use the gold. When the monster started, I suggest you hunt monster which is appropriate with your power. Also, you have to use the legion.


How to increase power

  • Once you have done with the monster even, the money of your troops hospitalized. Never cure it, at least, you are in increase power event.
  • The quickest point to get in this event train troops. Never cut them down. To increase train troops, you need to adjust your level castle.

Well, that’s so fun to conquer the castle and get all the game features. However, it is not that easy and takes time. You have to be patient and create a good strategy. But, thanks to experts who find the clash of kings hack which enables the player to utilize all the features. You can get the gold coins as much as you want and it is free! For sure, cheat allows to generate golds. Here are the steps of clash of kings hack you need to follow:

The first step to do for getting the hack is a connection of the device through USB into the computer. Ensure the clash of kings game already installed both in your device.

  • The second step, use the Clash of Kings Trainer
  • When you see the “Detect device”, go click it.
  • Once your trainer detects your device, you may check your game saved data.
  • Place your gold you want as your preference
  • Wait for the process and unplug the device

Now you can enjoy game you want. You can collect golds and built a strong empire! Happy fighting!

Tricks and Tipps for CoK

Using Clash Of Kings Hack Tool is beneficial to make you spend less time and easily play this game. Emotions player really tested our patience sometimes build up the kingdom could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Days to build can vanish in an instant. It takes mental strength to bounce back, not to mention opponents faced not a player who only uses the free time to play games. But they also use credit cards to purchase items-items so much faster in the development or recovery even after being shattered.

Even though the level of the top 10 castle, it was not spared from attacks. The master in a kingdom where players play (K49) is an alliance of China and Korea. If they are facing each other, it is possible alliances Indonesia (INA) where I was able to keep pace. But it seems difficult to be realized, tired out against players using cc.


Ok, I will give up just a few tips android game Clash of Kings

  • Spend a little more time to create a multi-account. Other accounts will function as a farm or supplier needs the main castle.
  • After using multi-account, account farming inputs to its own alliance for the purpose of harvesting food, wood and iron by means attacked not through trade. Through trade is only a waste of resources due to the very high taxes.
  • Raising the level of the castle to collect first iron and wood. If they are met, then start looking for food. Why food last? Due to reduced food continues to be eaten troops. Empty food will not make troop strength or tewa5 reduced.
  • The more the farm account the faster leveling our main castle. Create some castle farm up to level 10 with the intent can already gather iron.
  • Filter members who will enter our alliance, because many intruders trying to enter. They know the purpose of our alliance plan, know the player is online and offline, to know the location coordinates of the castle all alliance members.
  • Be careful with the traitor, traitor lot in this game as a double agent in the real world.
  • Do not use items unless forced because it is saving food items, wood, iron that cannot be lost when attacked. Deposits of the safest in the form of items, just use for up castle.
  • Drain out all the farm accounts when the event begins.
  • Bind using FB account as well, because a lot of items that we can. With a record of our FB friends too much to play this game.


The event is very useful to increase the coffers of gold and saving our items. Do not miss the event that once a week. In this event only gold, iron and wood that counts points. One day before the event used to gather with gold mining. Example: Event begins 16 hours, we started mining gold which time more than 16 hours, so when the event gather has started, troop we are being gathered iron had gone home with gold that many (if using 3 legions 1 day before its normally straight obtain stage 2 or stage 3.

Morning entered the event gather while troop home gold mining, continue to use bonus items gather. This item serves accelerate time to gather resources. Remember when this time only gathers wood and food. Don’t forget to duplicate it using Clash Of Kings Hack.

Cheats for the game

Clash Of Kings Hack

Clash of King is one game that is able to seize the attention of gamers in a year, and relying on a strategy based RPG, the game is able to make people who play it become addictive. How to play Clash of Kings can be said to be similar to other RPG games, but of course, there is a difference – a fundamental difference of every game as the main character or characteristic of a game. You can also play this game using Clash Of Kings Hack.

After several months we tried to play the game Clash of Kings, we have crack ways to play Clash of Kings so they can build the kingdom so much faster. Clash of Kings demands his players to put Team Work, rather than being a superman alone while playing the game. Not to mention the inter-alliance politics that makes this game more interesting. Not only that, spy intruder plays an important role in this game.


How to play Clash of Kings does require patience, emotions players really – really tested. Patience in building an empire, which had been built for days – days, can be destroyed in an instant. Not to mention if he met opponents who play Clash of Kings not only during leisure time. An opponent like this is very difficult because they are also buying the items terrific to be paid the price of not cheap to use a credit card.

Here we will describe leaks tricks you should apply on how to play Clash of Kings would you choose.

  • Take a little time to create a multi-account, account – you cloning account will be used for the supplier needs to the main castle.
  • After using multi-account, account farming inputs to its own alliance for the purpose of harvesting food, wood and iron are attached in a manner, not through trade.
  • To raise the level of the castle, you have to hunt for items of iron and wood, beforehand. Having fulfilled to build, then collect food items
  • The more you have the farm accounts, the faster you’ll level up the castle. Create some castle farm up to level 10 with the intent can already gather iron.
  • You need to be careful – careful when there are members who want to get in on our alliance, out there are many intruders simply want to know your alliance plan.
  • Do not rush – rush to use the item, unless the circumstances are very pushy. Only use when you want to up the castle.
  • Drain out all the farm accounts when the event begins.


Steps of how to play Clash of Kings above, you should try and apply if you want more quickly in raising the level of the castle. Those who do not know how the game COK (Clash of Kings) is one of the best war strategy game today according to the writer of the play. Why had the best? Not just a war game that can raise the adrenaline during the war, but the story behind it that makes this game worth playing. This game is not a game of individuals but more towards teamwork. Not to mention the inter-alliance politics that makes this game more interesting. Not only that, spy intruder plays an important role in this game. To play this game easily, you can use Clash Of Kings Hack here.

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