The key point of playing clash of kings is just gathering resources like wood, iron, silver, gold and food to improve levels. There are several steps to do of playing this game. Here are some steps to do before you play the clash of king:

The first thing to do when you are trying to make a clash of kings account, bind it to Facebook or Google+ which enables you to save the recent playing. When someday you just need to replace a smartphone, you can replay it. Many gamers lost it causes they didn’t bind their account to Facebook and Google+.

  • When you join group after creating account, you will get gold
  • Focus on upgrading buildings, train troops and reset
  • Follow hints given on the game


Sometimes, playing clash of clan need patient and strategies caused your enemies are from around the world. You can also take good advantage by joining events. In this case, gold, iron and wood are included in the point. The notification is sent. For example, we are starting to mine gold which needs 16 hours. So, when the gathering time begun, our troops who are looking for iron comes back bringing gold.

Next in the morning, when your troop brings gold, you can continue by using bonus gather item. It is used to accelerate gathering source. When you want to join the monster event, note that you have to ensure the energy stock is enough. You can purchase gold from a store. But you don’t have to use the gold. When the monster started, I suggest you hunt monster which is appropriate with your power. Also, you have to use the legion.


How to increase power

  • Once you have done with the monster even, the money of your troops hospitalized. Never cure it, at least, you are in increase power event.
  • The quickest point to get in this event train troops. Never cut them down. To increase train troops, you need to adjust your level castle.

Well, that’s so fun to conquer the castle and get all the game features. However, it is not that easy and takes time. You have to be patient and create a good strategy. But, thanks to experts who find the clash of kings hack which enables the player to utilize all the features. You can get the gold coins as much as you want and it is free! For sure, cheat allows to generate golds. Here are the steps of clash of kings hack you need to follow:

The first step to do for getting the hack is a connection of the device through USB into the computer. Ensure the clash of kings game already installed both in your device.

  • The second step, use the Clash of Kings Trainer
  • When you see the “Detect device”, go click it.
  • Once your trainer detects your device, you may check your game saved data.
  • Place your gold you want as your preference
  • Wait for the process and unplug the device

Now you can enjoy game you want. You can collect golds and built a strong empire! Happy fighting!

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