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CoK Free Gold Hack and Cheats

When it comes to beginner guides, tipps & tricks and instructions for Clash of Kings you will hear many information on how to play this game correctly. The most important is you got enough gold on your account. In this post I will explain to you how to hack Clash of Kings correctly without spending any money or downloading any tool.

There are so many hundreds of gamer, which are willing to spend lots of money every single month just to get a few gold on their CoK Account. It shouldn’t be like this. If you want to use the Clash of Kings hack you should definitely consider to visit this page here to get all the desired items for free on your account. Don’t even bother thinking about buying items, because its a total waste of time and money. Of course, it is the 100% legit way, but who is gonna spend money for this game? Nobody wants too!


Gold is very important in the game, because you can buy other items and it can make you level up easily. You can compete with even better gamer and become more and more successful. Just because of the gold you can become a really good player. Some skillful and really smart guys are concerned that other gamer with less knowledge will have a big advantage. I think this is true. Clash of Kings and other mobile games came to a stage where it doesn’t matter anymore if you have lots of skills. It only matters how many items you got. With the Clash of Kings cheats, hacks and generator you won’t have this problem. The hack will simply add free CoK Gold on your account without asking for any human verification, survey or anything like this. The whole process is absolutely for free and there is no risk for you. Your Android or iOS account won’t get banned. You can update the game on your smartphone as often as you want. The amount of gold and other items will remain the same. It is also available in many other languages. Check it out now and you won’t miss it!

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Step by step guide for the hack?

How to run the Clash of Kings hack correctly?

We are getting many messages, e-mails and comments asking about how to hack or cheat Clash of Kings correctly on our websites. On here we are going to show you how easy it is to get as much free CoK Gold as you want on your Huawei, Samsung, iPhone or any other smartphone and tablet you are using.

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Before we start we gonna tell you what you should keep in mind:

  • You can still update the game anytime you want
  • The gold you will generate will remain on your account – they won’t disappear
  • You can run the Clash of Kings generator on your PC, smartphone or tablet
  • All you need is a full working and stable Internet connection
  • Generate the gold for your family member, friends or for yourself
  • Don’t open the game during the process, make sure you close it completely before using the hack
  • A jailbreak or root is not necessary to use the cheat engine
  • Make sure to provide us with the exact username and platform

I hope you understand the points above, so that you can successfully use the cheats and hacks for Clash of Kings.

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Now lets come to the real step by step guide on how to hack CoK:

  1. Enter your username (must be correct)
  2. Choose the platform you are playing on (might be iOS or Android)
  3. Choose the amount of gold and other items you would like to get on your account
  4. Press on the Generate button below
  5. Wait a few seconds until the process is done completely
  6. Follow any further instructions to receive the items for free

Sometimes it happens the people are asked to fill a survey. It is also called human verification and an very essential part of our website. It makes sure that no one is running any kind of bots or macros to get the items in an automated way. Before there were some hacker, which were creating many accounts, generated free gold on them and then they were selling the accounts on different platforms like eBay, Facebook or any other dealer. If you ever see this, please report them to us. The chance of them to used our Clash of Kings hack on Wardensquest is very high. Why should someone spend money on accounts filled with gold, if they can easily use our generator by themselves completely for free? Exactly thats why we are asking for a human verification. It might be annoying for some user and some of them even think they have to pay money, but it is the only way to protect us against this kind of scammer. Normally the survey should be for free. You only have to provide them with your e-mail address or sometimes with your phone number. If this happens and they want you to subscribe somewhere, you can simply do it and send them “STOPP” via SMS. Just reply “STOPP” to them and you won’t get charged. After that you will still receive all the gold.

How does it really work?

Is it really for free to use the Clash of Kings hack?

The short answer is yes. If you follow all the instructions correctly you will receive the specific amount of gold directly on your iOS or Android account. Please keep in mind you have to provide us with 100% correct information regarding your account. If there is a spelling mistake or something like that you might not receive the items. We are asking for your username and platform (choose between Android and iOS) to connect to the server of Clash of Kings. We won’t hack your account and either we are hacking the official CoK server, what we do is we simply take advantage of a little loophole in the source code of this game.

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We don’t ask for password or e-mail address. Don’t think we gonna cheat or hack you. It is simply not possible to hack a user just by their username. Also we don’t ask you to download any file. The Clash of Kings online generator is only working online. Forget about all the website asking you to get a file first. For our Clash of Kings hack you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone and you also don’t need to root your Android phone. There is no application you have to download. All the process is made on Wardensquest.com.

The most positive aspects about our hack is its diversity. There are almost no restrictions or limits when it comes to generating gold for your account. The Clash of Kings cheats, hacks and tricks are working on every mobile phone and tablet. It doesn’t really matter if you are playing on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One or Huawei, because it all comes down to the operating system, which is iOS or Android.

If you have any questions regarding this hack tool we will offer your our help. Simply message us on our e-mail address or Skype. You will get the Skype ID after you ran the CoK hack in Dutch, French, English or German.


For a too long time people were spending money on this awesome game. Of course the developer really deserve it to get so money, but this game is all about getting as much items as possible. This is a little bit sad and annoying for many fans of CoK. At a certain point of the game the items are really necessary, otherwise it will be extremely hard for you to get to the next level. There are some gamer, which are ready to spend hundreds of dollar every single month just to keep on playing this awesome game. After all it is about improving and keeping the level and dominance, right?

With the Clash of Kings hack apk you never have to worry about having too less gold again. Basically you can get as many as you want within a few minutes on your Android or iOS mobile phone. Check out the latest videos, guides and hacks on Wardensquest.com to get the most out of your cheat engine.

Works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone

If you already downloaded Clash of Kings on your smartphone you will know how fun this game is. This game is not only exciting, but also very adventurous. No matter if you are playing on an iPhone, iPad, Samsung or any other mobile phone – the CoK hack will deliver free items. Did you ever try to use the Clash of Kings gold generator? If not you should consider to use this gold hack tool. It brings you free gold on your iOS and Android account.

cok hack

People are buying gold with real money every single day. Some of them even spend their whole pocket money or salary just to get more items on CoK. It doesn’t have to be this way. From now on you can visit Wardensquest.com and run the Clash of Kings iOS and Android hack on all devices. If you visited this website from your PC or Mac you can easily enter your username and how much free CoK gold you would like to generate. Our Clash of Kings online hack is working on tablet, PC and cell phones.

These days people from all over the world are crazy for using online generator to cheat mobile games, but at the same time there are many other people are scared to use this hack apks. When it comes to Clash of Kings it is really difficult to say if one tool is working or not. You don’t need to download any single file, because the hack for CoK is working online. There is no survey for the generator necessary. On YouTube, Twitch and other websites you can find so many videos, photos and other evidence of a full working cheat engine. Try it also in the dutch version of the generator. It has never been so easy to find strategies on how to get free gold for this awesome game. Wardensquest.com is existing since many years and is still the most reliable way on how to cheat Clash of Kings. It is not only multilingual, but also the support is awesome. If you got any questions you can send us an e-mail to info@wardensquest.com. Otherwise you will be able to to check the how to use page.

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