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Tricks and Tipps for CoK

Using Clash Of Kings Hack Tool is beneficial to make you spend less time and easily play this game. Emotions player really tested our patience sometimes build up the kingdom could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. Days to build can vanish in an instant. It takes mental strength to bounce back, not to mention opponents faced not a player who only uses the free time to play games. But they also use credit cards to purchase items-items so much faster in the development or recovery even after being shattered.

Even though the level of the top 10 castle, it was not spared from attacks. The master in a kingdom where players play (K49) is an alliance of China and Korea. If they are facing each other, it is possible alliances Indonesia (INA) where I was able to keep pace. But it seems difficult to be realized, tired out against players using cc.


Ok, I will give up just a few tips android game Clash of Kings

  • Spend a little more time to create a multi-account. Other accounts will function as a farm or supplier needs the main castle.
  • After using multi-account, account farming inputs to its own alliance for the purpose of harvesting food, wood and iron by means attacked not through trade. Through trade is only a waste of resources due to the very high taxes.
  • Raising the level of the castle to collect first iron and wood. If they are met, then start looking for food. Why food last? Due to reduced food continues to be eaten troops. Empty food will not make troop strength or tewa5 reduced.
  • The more the farm account the faster leveling our main castle. Create some castle farm up to level 10 with the intent can already gather iron.
  • Filter members who will enter our alliance, because many intruders trying to enter. They know the purpose of our alliance plan, know the player is online and offline, to know the location coordinates of the castle all alliance members.
  • Be careful with the traitor, traitor lot in this game as a double agent in the real world.
  • Do not use items unless forced because it is saving food items, wood, iron that cannot be lost when attacked. Deposits of the safest in the form of items, just use for up castle.
  • Drain out all the farm accounts when the event begins.
  • Bind using FB account as well, because a lot of items that we can. With a record of our FB friends too much to play this game.


The event is very useful to increase the coffers of gold and saving our items. Do not miss the event that once a week. In this event only gold, iron and wood that counts points. One day before the event used to gather with gold mining. Example: Event begins 16 hours, we started mining gold which time more than 16 hours, so when the event gather has started, troop we are being gathered iron had gone home with gold that many (if using 3 legions 1 day before its normally straight obtain stage 2 or stage 3.

Morning entered the event gather while troop home gold mining, continue to use bonus items gather. This item serves accelerate time to gather resources. Remember when this time only gathers wood and food. Don’t forget to duplicate it using Clash Of Kings Hack.